How many PlayStation VR systems have been sold worldwide?

In December 2017, one year and 3 months ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) was bragging in a press release about over 70 million PlayStation 4 units sold worldwide, while the PlayStation VR system reached a milestone of 2 million units. Exactly 2.85%, if we relate on the PlayStation 4 units number. Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment […]

What is it and why do you need 2-Step Verification on your PlayStation account?

Sony published a very detailed video about how to activate 2-Step Verification (2SV) on your PlayStation device. For those who don’t know what it means, 2-Step Verification is, in small words, a paranoia pill for all those who want to be sure no one is breaking into their stuff. What is 2-Step Verification? On a […]

Days Gone, one month before launch

Game: Days Gone Developer: SIE Bend Studio Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Store: Days Gone Next month, on April 26th, Sony Interactive Entertainment will release Days Gone, an action-adventure game from a third-person perspective, whose action takes place in a an open-world post-apocalyptic world (2 years after a global pandemic killed almost all of humanity), […]