There will be no PlayStation 5 launched this year, but the rumors might have already more information that we need

If until last year I thought 2019 is the PS5 launch year, with each rumour I am hearing I become more convinced that the PlayStation 5 will be here in 2020, if we are lucky enough. The exclusive interview with PlayStation’s lead system architect for the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, is already a point of […]

SIE launched a new online PlayStation Gear Store

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched a new online PlayStation Gear Store, packed with newly designed products, from a wide range of items, including apparel, accessories such as socks, hats, journals, mugs/drinkware, home decor, and more. Bloodborne, Concrete Genie, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted and Kojima Productions are […]

PlayStation 3 software sales to reach 1.000 millon units

Based on the latest Sony Interactive Entertainment financial status, the PlayStation 3 sales overpassed its rival Xbox 360. There have been 87.4 million PS3 units sold worldwide (March 2017) vs. 84 million for Xbox 360 (June 2014). Also, the number of cumulative worldwide software unit sales for PlayStation 3 was reported to be bigger than […]

Diesel launched a Days Gone clothing range

Days Gone was launched on April 26 (Digital Deluxe Edition), and around the launching date Sony announced a partnership with Diesel to create a new clothing range inspired by Bend Studio’s post-apocalyptic PlayStation 4 exclusive. You can find the clothes here, the price range being between £45.00 for a t-shirt, or a baseball hat, to […]

Porsche, Audi and Renault in the last Gran Turismo SPORT free update

About a week ago, Sony introduced the newest update for Gran Turismo SPORT (PS Store), game developed exclusively for PlayStation 4. This update contains several new cars, and I have noticed an old Renault car among them, Renault 8, an interesting car developed many years ago, in the ’90s, in several east european countries under […]