📱 Why you should download and use the Ubisoft Club smartphne application

A couple of hours ago, Ubisoft published on Ubisoft North America Youtube account a video that explains the advantages of using the Ubisoft Club app when playing Rainbow Six Siege, one of the top Ubisoft title. I am using this app quite often, it’s very helpful, easy to use, and it worths the time. Basically, […]

🎥 History of Assassin’s Creed (2007 – 2018)

I have solved one of these “problems“, a friend of mine just gave me Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey tonight, but also Far Cry New Dawn, a game that I also want to take it till the platinum trophy, FarCry 5 being one of the coolest games I have ever played and also finished (review in progress). […]

Help? Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – GOLD EDITION is actually selling 3 games. Any hints?

A couple of nights ago I have added Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey – GOLD EDITION (buy / download) to my PS Store Wishlist. It is the last Assassin’s Creed launched (Oct 2019) and the gold edition contains also 2 remastered games launched this year on PlayStation 4: – Assassin’s Creed III REMASTERED – Assassin’s Creed Liberation […]

🚀 Are you ready for « Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta » (long) week-ends?

I have played Alpha 2v2, and it was amazing because I reunited with Jacob (my Irish friend :-D) in a 2h killing spree, so Beta is for sure next in line. If you do not know yet, SIE announced 2 weekends for testing the upcoming game, and also the fact that all PlayStation 4 owners […]

Wildlands, it was a nice journey. Thanks!

Today, I took my final trophy of Ghost Recon Wildlands, 🏆 Only the Best – Bought all upgrades, a silver trophy that brought me the platinum one: 🏆 Master of the Wildlands. Hold your horses, the idea was to finish the game in order to get all the rewards for Breakpoint on this account (I […]

🏆 The Whole Story 🏆 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

There are around 200 documents in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands that you will need to collect if you wanna go for 🏆The Whole Story trophy. That means you will spend time to search the entire open world for CDs, briefcases, phones, files, voodoo things, etc. Now, just multiply by 5 minutes per document and […]

Have you seen the Ghost Recon Breakpoint statistics tracking on Ubisoft Club mobile app?

As you already know, Ghost Recon Breakpoint BETA was launched this weekend, and those who preordered the game, but also, I think, all of those tho played at least Ghost War, Wildlands’ PVP, enjoyed a couple of days in Auroa, the new destination for a new Ghost Recon military adventure. Being on the last meters […]

🏀 NBA 2K20 – Full Editions Comparison | #LatestReleases

Friday, on Sept 6, 2019, 2K published three editions of NBA 2K20 on PlayStation 4: the game, a Digital Deluxe Edition, and a Legend Edition. The game costs around 70€, and it is available on the PlayStation Store 🔗 here. NBA 2K has evolved into much more than a basketball simulation. 2K continues to redefine […]

💶 Here are the best-selling games on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in August

If you are in search of a popular game of the moment that you can play in single-player mode, battle royale, co-op in open worlds, or PVP with friends, here are the most downloaded games on PlayStation 4, and VR!, in August 2019. The lists published by SIE contain also a DLC top (Downloadable Content), […]