What do you think about Breakpooint BETA?

Apparently, there are Ghost Recon’s fans not satisfied by Breakpoint, the upcoming Ghost Recon game. The screenshot is from a Facebook Ghost Recon group I joined half a year ago, and I have the feeling that the new BETA weekend will make this kind of posts grow in number, as everybody might have the feeling […]

Resident Evil: Project Resistance

A friend recommended me Resident Evil. Not necessarily my type of game, but here is the trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil one and also mode details from Tokyo Game Show. In other news, Capcom producer insists Resident Evil spinoff Project Resistance is “a great survival horror experience” (source). Trailer Tokyo Game Show

Terminator: Resistance (2019)

Sony published today a trailer for Terminator: Resistance, a first-person shooter set during the “Future War” scenario that was only glimpsed at in the iconic films, “The Terminator” and “T2: Judgement Day”. It will be released on December 3 in USA, but sooner in Europe and Australia, on November 15 (source). Looks pretty cool! I […]

Bus Simulator & Truck Driver on PlayStation 4 starting this week!

A few weeks ago I watched a funny live stream on Youtube. A group of friends was playing some truck simulator on PC, but just imagine a couple of hundreds of trucks, all players, in a convoy moving between two destinations in Europe (I can’t remember exactly). Huge, but you could say it’s boring. After […]

🚀 Are you ready for « Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta » (long) week-ends?

I have played Alpha 2v2, and it was amazing because I reunited with Jacob (my Irish friend :-D) in a 2h killing spree, so Beta is for sure next in line. If you do not know yet, SIE announced 2 weekends for testing the upcoming game, and also the fact that all PlayStation 4 owners […]

Have you seen the Ghost Recon Breakpoint statistics tracking on Ubisoft Club mobile app?

As you already know, Ghost Recon Breakpoint BETA was launched this weekend, and those who preordered the game, but also, I think, all of those tho played at least Ghost War, Wildlands’ PVP, enjoyed a couple of days in Auroa, the new destination for a new Ghost Recon military adventure. Being on the last meters […]

Breakpoint: I thought I have bought a Ghost Recon series game, and all I got was a Division DLC

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint was my bday present. Hehe. I have played so much Wildlands, somehow I wanted to be one of the first players who will see and have fun in Breakpoint’s Pacific island open-world of Auroa (anyway, there were invites sent to PSN accounts who didn’t preorder the game, nor bought something […]

Ubisoft anounced « Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – BETA » from 5th – 8th September!

In the PlayStation Store, there is a 28GB Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – BETA app that can be downloaded for free if you preordered the game that will be launch on October 4th (October 1st for preorders). This is the first good news. The second one is that I have received a redeem code […]

🐿️ Scrat from Ice Age got its own game!

And it will be available on PlayStation 4 starting with October 18th (there is no link available at the moment in the PlayStation Store, but you will find it on CD, at ~40 euros in Europe, or $40 in the USA). The game’s name is Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure (website) and its trailer was […]