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“Dezactiveaza comentariile pentru un blog mai bun!”

Un pic cam arogant, mostly back to 1.0, insa este un punct de vedere destul de solid (povestea intreaga aici). In realitate insa, cel putin in Romania nu prea se aplica, mai putin blogul lui Mircea Badea care aduna cateva mii de oameni pe zi care nu au cum sa comenteze (singura posibilitate este trackback-ul).

Mai sunt si alte bloguri populare in Romania care au comentariile dezactivate?

In plus, de cealalta parte a monitorului si a circulatiei banilor in natura, situatia se vede cam asa. Sunt cateva zeci de bloguri romanesti cu tone de comentarii, acestea facand parte din lista blogurilor preferate in campanii de catre branduri. Nu intotdeauna, procentul nu este unul dominant, insa sunt pe liste.

[…] Want to make your blog instantly better? Disable comments. […]

You engage them by giving them something to read. […]

On almost every blog, the comments and commenters add zero value. They might add value for the commenters, as the innate human desire to see the public presentation of one’s name and opinions is a strong one. But comments are typically an affront, an annoyance, or at least an inconvenience to the only people who should matter to you—your readers.

What do you mean? My commenters are my readers.

Yes, if someone’s commenting, then by definition they’re reading. But practically all of your readers just read and then move on to some other activity, rather than bothering to leave a memento of their visit. The commenters are a motivated and not always rational few.

This goes beyond blogs, too. Read the comments on the stories on your news site of choice. Have you even seen an astute one? And if you did, was it worth sifting through the hundreds of illiterate ones? […]

“A large volume of feedback gets overwhelming at times, and it has a tendency to exaggerate the importance of certain issues in my mind. Well below 1% of visitors ever post a comment.”[…]

I still keep trackbacks, which I love. With them, people can express their opinions of my blog without me being the one to provide the forum for it. My life has gotten far less complicated and my blog far more streamlined since I decided to go commentless. Try it yourself, and you’ll be surprised how little you miss those pesky fragments of thoughts. […]

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